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Leading Ladies




                   Sean Connery's Leading Ladies


                Considering that he is in his fifth decade of making movies, it would be impossible


                 to show them all.  However, here are what I consider his top three leading ladies.



uma.jpg (15252 bytes)  

Birth name: Uma Karuna Thurman

Date of birth (location): 29 April 1970,Boston,Massachusetts, USA

Height: 6'

Spouse: Ethan Hawke (1 May 1998 - present); 1 daughter

        Gary Oldman (October 1990 - 1992) (divorced)


       (8 July 1998) Daughter, Maya Ray Thurman-Hawke

       (1995) Dated Timothy Hutton (1995)

       (1993) Dated Robert De Niro

       Former model. Dropped out of school at the age of




Caterine Zeta-Jones.jpg (12985 bytes) Birth name: Catherine Jones


Date of birth (location): 25 September 1969,

Swansea, Wales, UK


Trivia:(1999) Dating Michael Douglas 

Sometimes Credited As: Catherine Zeta Jones

                       Catherine Zeta-Jones




Kim Basinger 2.jpg (23188 bytes)  

Birth name: Kim Basinger

Date of birth (location): ?, Georgia

Height: 5' 7"

Spouse: Alec Baldwin (19 August 1993 - present)

        Ron Britton' (1980 - 1989) (divorced)

Trivia: As a schoolkid, suffered from crippling shyness 

        Her grandmother was part Cherokee Indian.

        Bought her own town, Braselton, Georgia.

        Turned down the role in Basic Instinct (1992)






Leading Ladies